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Lucy is an freelance scenic artist, muralist and painter, located in NSW, Australia.

Lucy Hughes Art is the most recent line of work, fulfilling a long term dream focusing on more personal projects, and features the inspiring wildlife from in and around Australia

After working in the theatre industry for nearly 10 years Lucy upped-sticks to Australia and delved into a new world of inspiration. What started as a fascination in the local flora and fauna, developed into a series of artworks, depicted in small, detailed acrylic and watercolour paintings (a huge contrast from working on theatre backdrops). Portrayals of the more unusual looking creatures of Australia created interest locally and from this Lucy Hughes Art was born. At most markets it is normal to see the most popular Australian animals depicted, such as Kangaroos and Koalas, but it’s not the 'pretty ones' that Lucy paints. It's the ones that are seen as 'pests' or are considered ugly, but whose faces are full of cheeky character, such as Emus and Cockatoos.  

Lucy Hughes Art also began producing detailed paintings of the majestic humpback whales that visit Australia every year. These paintings, where the whale is almost suspended in the negative space around it, draws attention to the finer details and understated, unique markings of each whale.

Driven by passion, and a complete love for painting, if there is one thing that keeps motivation high for new and exciting projects, it’s seeing people’s smiling faces as they glance at a quirky emu, or are enticed by the solitary whales.

As hinted at through Lucy Hughes Art’s Instagram page, the newest pieces focus even closer on the unique detailing of the humpback whales, investigating their markings and beautiful colouring in a way that creates an abstract image, using a new variety of medium. Almost unrecognisable as humpback whales, these paintings reflect their mysterious and intriguing behaviour that draws us towards them. And come this Autumn, will also be available as high quality prints, and are perfect for new textile endeavours.

Lucy Hughes Art, thanks to the support of local showcases and markets, is becoming increasingly popular and now sells online and in-store.

The products that each of these characters are printed on, reflects the need to look after these creatures, by the use of sustainable materials; on handmade recycled timber frames, and natural hemp and linen fabrics. Each product has been carefully selected to compliment the pieces. Natural hemp and linen cushion covers that feature some of the whales, emus and cockatoos are environmentally friendly and machine washable, made in Sydney. The handmade recycled timber panels are as unique as each of the creatures themselves, every one has a different look and feel, and is lovingly handmade using the materials donated by Melbourne City council, and found near the workshop in Melbourne.  Some panels have produced by the artist as watercolour originals, and some are printed renditions of the original artworks. Finally, the archival quality prints have been produced to give the most authentic feel possible, on acid-free 100% cotton rag paper, and giclée printed, these prints are the closest thing you can get to the original piece!

All products are made in Australia